A Sauna Project?

National Sauna Week is February 19–25, 2023.
Do you think the Club needs a sauna?

The oldest known saunas in Finland were made from pits dug in a slope in the ground and primarily used as dwellings in winter. The sauna featured a fireplace where stones were heated to a high temperature. Water was thrown on the hot stones to produce steam and to give a sensation of increased heat. This would raise the apparent temperature so high that people could take off their clothes. The first Finnish saunas were always of a type now called savusauna; “smoke sauna”. These differed from present-day saunas in that they were operated by heating a pile of rocks called a kiuas by burning large amounts of wood for about 6 to 8 hours and then letting out the smoke before enjoying the löyly, a Finnish term meaning, collectively, both the steam and the heat of a sauna. A properly heated savusauna yields heat for up to 12 hours.

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Do you think the Club should build a sauna in the Picnic Pavilion?