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Friday Happy Hour: Scandinavian Pride

Friday, June 9, 7 pm

  • Ambiance: Low key
  • Beverages: Anything in a rainbow can or bottle
  • Playlist: 80s gay anthems and contemporary Scandinavian beats

How does a Pride event fit with the Scandinavian Club’s mission of preserving Scandinavian traditions and culture?

Every summer sees Pride celebrations throughout Scandinavia, each with their own unique quirks, but all bound together by the spirit of inclusivity and openness. The purpose is to make LGBTQ+ issues visible, and create a safe environment for homosexual, bisexual, trans and queer people and all the gender expressions within the LGBTQ+ movement. It is a joyful and colorful manifestation of love for equal human rights and a demonstration for everybody’s equal right to love and be who they want to be.

Norway: The first official Pride parade was held in the streets of Oslo in 1982. Since then the festival has grown exponentially.
Sweden: Most Pride festivals per capita of any place in the world, with over 30 different celebrations going on throughout the country.
Finland: The first official Helsinki Pride Week was celebrated in 2000 and is now the biggest cultural and human rights event in Finland.
Denmark: First country to establish a National Association for Gays and Lesbians in 1948, during a time when homosexuality was still considered a crime in many western countries.
Iceland: One of the first European countries to recognize same-sex partnerships in 1996 and to grant equal adoption and IVF rights for same-sex couples in 2006.

Read more: https://www.skandinavisk.com/en-us/voicesjournal/pride-scandinavia.html

The Stockholm Pride Parade is the largest Pride parade in all of Scandinavia with around 50 000 participants.

Event chair: Peter

Midsummer Family Picnic

Sunday, June 25, 12 noon – 4:30 pm
Outside by Picnic Pavilion

At our Midsummer Family Picnic, some may make Midsummer flower crowns to wear, others will decorate 2 floral wreathes & attach on our Maypole. After the Maypole is set into place, a few Swedish School Children will show us how easy it is to dance ’round the Maypole to live music. Then all may start dancing ’round our Maypole, like a little frog! A traditional activity, dancing & singing ’round the Maypole, begins with the “Small Frogs” (Små Grodorna) Song.

Great festive fun for ALL ages toddlers to 90+ year olds. The Viking lawn game ‘Kubb’ will also be available to play.

  • Midsummer pole decorated by participants
  • Lawn games (Kubb, Megajenga and Cornhole)
  • “A Swedish Midsummer Tale” is Read & Maypole is set in place.
  • Swedish Midsummer Musicians: Wivan Sundman plays Accordion.
  • Sings & Plays: Ellen Haffling Svengalis (guitar), Kendall Svengalis (violin).
  • Musicians led All Children & Adults to join Festive Dancing & Singing. 
  • Traditional Midsummer Swedish Ring dances ‘round the Maypole.
  • Begin with customary “Small Frogs” song. Fun for ALL to partake.
  • Kiddie Frog Themed Sprinkler Wadding Pool for young children.
  • Viking ‘Kubb’ Lawn games: easy to learn & play.
  • Dance ‘round the Maypole again.
  • Purchase food: Hot dogs, turkey burgers, salmon burgers, strawberries & beverages.

One Flower Bouquet – so many choices!

Support our summer Fundraiser – Midsummer Bouquet $35.

Pick up at the Scandinavian Club on Sunday June 25, 11am–12.30pm

1. You will make a traditional Midsummer Crown to wear during our Midsummer celebration, some DIY supplies will be available and Tina Ahlberg of Floral Surroundings LLC will be there to show you how to create your own crown out of the flowers in the bouquet. 

2. A glass mason jar will be available, and you can make an arrangement that we will use on the tables as décor, and when you leave, you take the vase with you home! Enjoy! Some clippers will be available to use. 

3. Use the flowers in this bouquet to add into our Midsommar stång, as it will be filled with foliage & flowers.

Limited supply, so place your order now. (Sorry, no refunds.)

All proceeds will go to the Club. Thank you for your support.

Event Chair: Carol

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