Finnish flag

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The happiest country in the world

Finland, four times voted the happiest country in the world with the lowest population density in the entire European Union promises one thing above all: inspiration, recreation, and rest close to nature.

Though a small country judging by its population of 5.5 million inhabitants and population density of 18 inhabitants per square kilometer (the lowest in the EU)—boasts many superlatives: there are more saunas than cars; it has the most heavy metal bands per capita; any Finnish noun can have over 200 different forms; Finns are the most avid readers of books and newspapers globally and world leaders in the use of libraries … The list goes on forever.

Europe’s most densely forested country is a place where one can hike through more than 41 national parks while breathing in the world’s cleanest air; where one can cycle under the Midnight Sun, and enjoy world-class art, design events and undisturbed island hopping.

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